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Yea, I know, this page has nothing to do with my railroad. I'm using this page as a dumping ground to share my paintings with a friend. I didn't do a good job of taking some of the photos of my paintings. It was never my intent to put these photos on line so the quality of the images and the colors are off. Oh well!

Mimbres Pots 18x24.JPG

Mimbres Pots 18x24


Mimbres Pots for Kriss 36x24

Enzo 24x18.jpg

Grandson Enzo 24x18

Anasazi  Pots 36x36.JPG
Mimbres pots 18x12.jpg

Mimbres Pots 18x12

Grand Canyon 24x24.jpg

Grand Canyon 24x24

Grand Canyon 30x40.JPG

Grand Canyon 30x40

Giving Thanks 36x24.jpg

Giving Thanks 36x24

Lone Cypress 30x24.jpg

Lone Cypress 30x24

Chief 24x18.jpg

Chief 24x18

Sophia @ beach48x36.JPG

Sophia 48x36

Pedernal sunset18x30.JPG

Pedernal 18x30

Navajo Girl 24x18.jpg

Navajo Girl (from Curtis photo) 24x18

Mongwa & Koshari 24x18.jpg

Mongwa & Koshari 24x18

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