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The Sub Buttons to this page will included some of the changes to the Chile Verde Line that have been made over the last couple years ( since early 2021).

In November of 2023 I, with the help of Bruce and Chipper, removed the potbelly stove. The stove was not necessary as I have wall board heaters in the train room. We also added a 7’ by 6’ extension on the layout that is adjacent to and on the inboard side of the engine house. I covered the plywood top with very fine sand that is abundant on our property. 7’ by 6’ in F scale is equivalent to approximately 1.6’ by 1.4’ in HO scale. In HO scale that would be the size of a diorama. I added the 7’ by 6’ section because I wanted to add more operation potential to the indoor part of my railroad. At best I will be able to add a machine shop, a freight house, and a merchandise warehouse. I should also have room for the Banta CONOCO gas station. Because of the lack of space, I will be lucky if I can manage to add 3 track spurs. 

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