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Interior Building Detail

I’ll focus on detail for a “general store” and address it from two perspectives: furnishings and commodities. 


Furnishings such as shelving, tables, work benches, chairs, display cases and counters are available. I either scratch build what I need or purchase what I need from Banta Modelworks or Ty’s Planes and Trains.


Another option is ½” doll house furnishings. A great source is My Favorite Dollhouse.


In my Martin’s General Store, I have a considerable amount of ½” dollhouse accessories such as food and other commodities.  Unfortunately filling a general store with ½ inch doll house details end up costing more than the building. Most people don’t notice them anyway. They tend to notice all the canned goods on the shelves. At first, I used HO scale 55-gallon drums wrapped with food can labels that I found online. I searched “free vintage food can labels”. I found a bunch. I also found a lot more that were very inexpensive. There are a lot in 1/12 scale for dollhouses. On the sites that were free I used the screen shot ap on my computer. I sized the images using Preview. I could have also sized them using the printer scale setting. I ran out of HO scale drums and started using dowel rods. I’d glue on the labels then cut the dowels. I painted the top of the cans with silver paint. For the CONOCO station I also glued labels on S and O scale drums.


If you look closely at the “goods” on the shelves in the CONOCO store you might notice that I glued 2-D images to the back of the shelves and added 3-D commodities in front. I did an online search for vintage general store photos. I found several photos with just stocked shelves of commodities. You can also find fruit crate labels online. I used some in front of my Gallegos Produce building. With a little searching you can find online images of box and bag goods. Many of them are images that are intended to be made into 3-D objects. On Etsy you can find vintage food/medicine labels in 1/12 scale. You can use your printer or Preview to scale them to 1:20.

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Image capture on the left (shift command 4) of food labels.Two pages for less than $5. They are downloaded and come sized for 1/12. I did an image capture to show what's available. The image below are ones that I found for free online. They are intended to be made into 3-D packages.

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CONOCO inside.jpg

Image above of Martin's General Store is full of commodities. Because the building is "downsized" there isn't a whole lot of room for shelving and display cases. The image on the right is a top down view on the CONOCO gas station store. The shelves on the back wall have 2-D images glued to the back of the shelves. The shelves on the left are a combination of 2-D and 3-D. The items on and in the display cases are all 3-D. The image at the top of the page on the right shows the shelf and case. Looking in the window below you really can't tell that the commodities are 2-D.