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This section of the website is intended to showcase visiting motive power and trains that have run on the Chile Verde Line RR. To this point there has not been a substantial number of guest operators with their trains. Mostly because my railroad is in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.


Bruce Williams and Chipper Thompson have been “operators” on my railroad since the summer of 2015. Unfortunately, they are HO guys, so they have no F scale trains of their own to operate on my layout. Matters not as I have more than enough. Our first guest operator that brought his own locomotive to operate was Ernie Barney. That was in November 2018. Grant Lockhart brought a train to operate in November of 2022. I should probably figure out how to find more large-scale guys in Northern New Mexico that would like to operate their trains on my layout. Part of the problem is that my RR is not conducive to live steam or DC power. DCC or battery power are the only options and currently DCC ops on the outdoor portion of my RR is limited.


Below is some photos of Ernie’s F Scale K-28 locomotive on my RR.

Guest Operators

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