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Los Alamos Junction Fuel/Oil Facility

I’ve Spent the last three months, off and on, between constructing two Banta Model Works kits, scratch building the Los Alamos Junction Oil and Fuel storage facility. The facility belongs to the Los Alamos Laboratory, and like the warehouse, it is guarded by the U.S. Army. When I started this project I had no idea how to build an oil and fuel storage facility. Some of my tank cars are top loaded and top drained, other tank cars are top loaded and bottom drained. I had had to gin up a system that could do both. I also wanted the piping system to be able to fuel large fuel trucks as well as military vehicles. The tall poll with swing arm can be rotated to above a tank car. The hose can be lowered to unload a tank car from the bottom. The small hose on the left side of the pump house is for fueling vehicles.


 The ground cover is gravel 1 to 3 scale inches. It also has lots of fines. This structure, like my Los Alamos Junction Depot and warehouse are intended to go outdoors on the elevated yard.

Once again, I couldn't control myself when weathering. I just don't know when to stop.

Obviously, the photos were taken while the "diorama" was sitting on a folding table.

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